Behold, a simple price-checker thrown together using Selenium/WebDriver and Node. I've been interested in getting away from Selenium IDE for Firefox for some time and even though Selenium IDE can be extremely effective I needed to move into cross-browser testing. Browser testing aside, has become mostly useless to me since implementing their 500 query/month limitation and I just don't feel like paying their prices for my frequency of use.

The below code will load MatterHackers' ColorFabb XT-CF20 Carbon Fiber Filament page and compare it to its standard price:

var webdriver = require('selenium-webdriver'),
  By = webdriver.By,
  until = webdriver.until;

var driver = new webdriver.Builder()

driver.findElement('price')).getText().then(function(text) {
  console.log('Current price is \'' + text + '\'');
  var currentPrice = parseInt(text);
  if (currentPrice < 65.95) {
    console.log('Discounted price, you should buy!');
  if (currentPrice !== '') {
    console.log('Test passed');
  } else {
    console.log('Test failed');


Here are the invdividual steps:

  • The script loads selenium-webdriver for interaction with Chrome.
  • It then loads the builder() method boiler-plate.
  • WebDriver then gets the MatterHackers page.
  • It finds the price element by CSS id and extracts the text value.
  • Logs the price to my console (i.e. for me, my shell)
  • I convert the price string to an integer for the next step which is a conditional.
  • Compares the price to a fixed price variable which I defined before-hand.
  • If the price is less, console logs the message "Discounted price, you should buy!". This is probably where I will add an email notification of some sort.
  • I threw in standard test pass/fail output in case I wanted to get advanced and compare the results of this script across several days, weeks or months.
  • Finally, I exited Chrome.

Here is the end result from my shell: ![1](image)

This script can be automated with something like Nightwatch.js or simply a cron tab. I'm considering adding in either an email notification as part of the conditional but I'm thinking it could be time to try out Twilio's free tier. :D